Price List

We created one simple pricing plan to make it easier for sellers to estimate the costs of our service. No more guesswork, you pay one low fee!

Item Preperation costs cover all aspects of your merchandise that need to be prepped for Amazon Fulfillment Services. Include all of the following.


  • Receiving

  • Inspection

  • Poly Bags

  • Sticker Removal

  • Dunnage

  • Damage Item Handling

  • Packing

  • Shipping Preperation


Labeling services include the addition of any types of standard labels needed for your products, including.


  • Labeling

  • Suffocation Warning Label

  • Expiration Labels

  • Country of Origin Label

  • UPC masking labeling (additional $.05/unit)


If your product requires non-standard labeling services this could also be applied for a negoated fee.


Our pallet storage program is an option for sellers looking to store additional inventory to be periodically replensished to Amazon.


We can store as many pallets of merchandise as you would need!


We can accept LTL or container shipments to our facility and we operate out of a warehouse with a full loading dock. No more need to negotiate liftgate service with shippers!