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Does FBAFulfillmentCenter only provide service for Amazon Sellers?


No, we can provide storage and package forwarding services to a range of different businesses. We do consider ourselves a premiere service for Amazon sellers because we can execute the unique needs of businesses who use Amazon fulfillment services.


Is your facility secure and safe?


We operate out of a secure warehouse in New Jersey that has 24 hour guard protection. We have security cameras all throughout our warehouse and perimeter recording 24/7. We appreciate the fact that you are entrusting your inventory with us and we do everything we can to keep it safe from all threats.


How long does it take for my products to be shipped out after you receive them?


Once we receive your products, labels, and shipping plans, our employees will have everything ready and on the way to Amazon FBA within 2 business days.


Do you accept shipments of products directly from overseas?


Absolutely. It is your responsibility to make sure that all products are legal and meet all US Customs requirements. We will happily accept your shipments to our warehouse in any quantity, even if you are shipping LTL or a whole container. You would also be responsible for all taxes, tariffs, and any other expenses for getting the products to our warehouse.


How long can I store products in your warehouse?


You can store the products in our facility as long as you need. We charge a low monthly rate depending on the amount of space your inventory is taking up in our facility. Take a look at our set pricing plans to learn more or contact us with specific questions.


What happens with my return merchandise?


We could process your returns from a removal order, but the costs of this service are to be covered by the merchant. 


Does your fulfillment center ship out to other countries?


At this time we could only accomodate shipments within the continental United States.