We know exactly how Amazon FBA works. We manually inspect your inventory, prep, and label it, all at rates cheaper than Amazon. We are all about the savings!

Get rid of  the added overhead of a warehouse full of employees. We store your inventory in our facilites and ship out your products directly to Amazon FBA centers!

We will work with you on optimizing your Amazon listings and developing high quality product images. We also offer cutting edge 3D design and website development.

We have multiple plans that fit the individual needs of your business.


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Try new powerful analytics tool - AMZVault.com, which was developed by Amazon Sellers for Amazon Sellers.

It is gives you a clear overview of how your Amazon business is performing and easy way to examine sales, profits, returns, trends and so on.


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Save Time and Money

Focus on growing your business and have us do the rest!

We are experienced Amazon sellers so we understand exactly what other sellers like you need to succeed. The simple fact is that the more time you spend focusing on operations means you are spending less time on sourcing, marketing, and selling MORE product. We are a trusted and experienced partner that is here to take your business to the next level.


Here is how we work.

  • You source your product from your suppliers

  • Ship your inventory to our facility in Elizabeth, NJ; or have your suppliers ship directly to us

  • We store your product, inspect it, label, prep, and repackage it for the lowest rate in the industry

  • We ship your finished products out to Amazon FBA centers across the country


Now instead of having the added business expenses of a warehouse, employees, machinery, and utilities you can put more into your business while having the peace of mind that your inventory is being managed with care.